Aakash Institute Classroom Notes for JEE, Board Exam and Competitive Exams (OLD)

Aakash Institute Classroom Notes for JEE, Board Exam and Competitive Exams (OLD)

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Mathematics (7 Books)

Target 1

(i) Sets

(ii) Relations and Functions

(iii) Trigonometric Functions

(iv) Principle of Mathematics Induction

Target 2

(i) Complex Numbers and Quadratic Equations

(ii) Liner Inequalities

(iii) Permutaions and Combinations

(iv) Binomial Theorem



Target  3

(i) Sequences and Series

(ii) Straight Lines

(iii) Conic Sections

(iv) Introduction to Three Dimensional Geometry

Target 4

(i) Limit and Derivatives

(ii) Mathematical Reasoning

(iii) Statistics

(iv) Probability



Target 5

(i) Relations and Functions

(ii) Inverse Trigonometric functions

(iii) Matrices

(iv) Determinates

Target 6

(i) Continuity and Differentiability

(ii) Application of Derivatives

(iii) Integrals

(iv) Application of Integrals



Target 7

(i) Differential Equations

(ii) Vector Algebra

(iii) Three Dimensional Geometry

(iv) Linear Programming

(v) Probability




Chemistry (7 Books)

Target 1

(i) Some Basic Concepts of Chemistry

(ii) Structure of Atom

(iii) Classification of Elements and Periodicity in Properties

(iv) Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure

Target 2

(i) States of Matter

(ii) Thermodynamics

(iii) Equilibrium

(iv) Redox Reactions



Target 3

(i) Hydrogen

(ii) The s-Block Elements

(iii) The p-Block Elements

Target 4

(i) Organic Chemistry : Some Basic Principles and Techniques

(ii) Hydrocarbons

(iii) Environmental Chemistry



Target 5

(i) The Solid State

(ii) Solutions

(iii) Electrochemistry

(iv) Chemical Kinetics and Nuclear Chemistry

(v) Surface Chemistry

Target 6

(i) General Principles and Processes of Isolation of Elements

(ii) The p-Block Elements

(iii) The d and f-Block Elements

(iv) Coordination Compounds

(v) Principles of Qualitative Analysis



Target 7

(i) Haloalkanes and Haloarenes

(ii) Alcohols, Phenols and Ehters

(iii) Aldehydes, Ketones and Carboxylic Acids

(iv) Amines

(v) Biomolecules

(vi) Polymers

(vii) Chemistry in Everyday Life




Physics (7 Books)

Target 1

(i) Physical World

(ii) Units and Measurements

(iii) Motion in a Straight Line

(iv) Motions in a Plane

Target 2

(i) Laws of Motion

(ii) Work, Energy and Powe

(iii) System of Particles and Rotational Motion



Target 3

(i) Gravitation

(ii) Mechanical Properties of Solids

(iii) Mechanical Properties of Fluids

(iv) Thermal Properties of Matter

(v) Thermodynamics

Target 4

(i) Kinetic Theory

(ii) Oscillations

(iii) Waves



Target 5

(i) Electric Charges and Fields

(ii) Electrostatic Potential and Capacitance

(iii) Current Electricity

Target 6

(i) Moving Charges and Magnetism

(ii) Magnetism and Matter

(iii) Electromagnetic Induction

(iv) Alternating Current

(v) Electromagnetic Waves



Target 7

(i) Ray Optics and Optical Instruments

(ii) Wave Optics

(iii) Dual Nature of Radiation and Matter

(iv) Atoms

(v) Nuclei

(vi) Semiconductor Electronics Materials, Devices and Simple Circuits

(vii) Communication Systems


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