Sri Chaitanya Class Notes for JEE (Main and Advanced) (OLD)

Sri Chaitanya Class Notes for JEE (Main and Advanced) (OLD)

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1. Physics (6 Phases)

Physics Phase 1

(i) Kinematics-1D

(ii) Kinematics-2D

(iii) Laws of Motion, Circular Motion

(iv) Work Power Energy


Physics Phase 2

(i) COM, Collision

(ii) Rotation

(iii) Gravitation

(iv) Fluid Properties of Matter

Physics Phase 3

(i) Heat and Thermodynamic

(ii) Waves


Physics Phase 4

(i) Electrostatics, Gauss Law and Capacitors

(ii) Current Electricity

(iii) Magnetism


Physic Phase 5

(i) EMI

(ii) Wave Optics

(iii) Modern Physics





2. Chemistry (4 Phases)

Chemistry Phase 1

(i) General Organic Chemistry

(ii) Isomerism

(iii) Alkyl Halides

(iv) Alcohol Ethers and Phenols


Chemistry Phase 2

(i) Aldehydes Ketones

(ii) Carboxylic Acid

(iii) Amines

(iv) Periodic Classification

(v) Chemical Bonding


Chemistry Phase 3

(i) Solid State

(ii) Solutions For Colligative Properties

(iii) Chemical Kinetics

(iv) Electrochemistry

(v) D-Block

(vi) Qulatative


Chemistry Phase 4

(i) Some Basic Concept of Chemistry

(ii) Redox Reaction

(iii) State of Matter

(iv) Chemical Equilibrium

(v) Ionic Equilibrium

(v) Thermodynamics

(vi) Structure of Atom


3. Mathematics (5 Phases)

Mathematics Phase 1

(i) Trigonometry

(ii) Functions 1

(iii) Functions 2

(iv) Quadratic Equations

(v) Sequence Series


Mathematics Phase 2

(i) LCD

(ii) AOD

(iii) P and C

(iv) Binomial Theroem

Mathematics Phase 3

(i) Indefinite Integration

(ii) Definite Integration and Area Under Curve

(iii) Differentiation

(iv) Differential Equation


Mathematics Phase 4

(i) Vector 3D

(ii) Complex Number

(iii) Matrices and Determinants


Mathematics Phase 5

(i) Straight Lines

(ii) Parabola, Ellipse and Hyperbola



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