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New Simplified Physics A Reference Book Vol 1+ Vol 2 for Class 12th (NEW)

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ISBN1:  9788177002225
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Book Description     

New Simplified Physics: A Reference Book - Class 12 is a set of two volumes, which comprehensively covers the entire Physics syllabus of Class 12th. Students who want to excel in their final examinations should study from this guidebook.
Physics is an academic discipline which helps us understand how the universe behaves. It can be broadly categorized into two parts, namely Classical Physics and Modern Physics. The first branch covers laws that are highly applicable in everyday scales. Modern Physics is used to describe laws that have been developed in the early 20th century and onward. It focuses on quantum mechanics and the interactions and behaviors of matter and energy.
The first volume of New Simplified Physics: A Reference Book - Class 12 elaborates on topics like Magnetism, Electromagnetic Waves, Alternating Current and Electrostatics. The second volume concentrates on Optics, Atoms, Radiation and Electronic Devices. For the benefit of Class 12 students, the author has incorporated many Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) problems as well as Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) in both the books. Solving these will help the students understand how to apply the theoretical concepts in practice. New Simplified Physics: A Reference Book - Class 12 (Published by Dhanpat Rai Publisher Pvt Ltd) is available at Amit book Depot
New Simplified Physics is Meant for anyone who wants to follow a self study course. It thoroughly cover syllabus and NCERT guidelines prescribed for the student of 10+2 level. The book has been designed to make the learning of Physics as easy and straight forward as possible

Salient Features of The Book    

  • May be used both as text and help book.
  • Easy and complete destinations of all terms.
  • Simplest and shortest derivations of all theoretical principal.
  • all exercises of NCERT text book fully Solved.
  • A Plenty of problems requiring higher order Thinking Skills (HOTS) given in each chapter.
  • All previous examinations papers of CBSE and ISCE fully solved in the book.
  • A large number of very short Answer Conceptual problems and short Answer Conceptual Problems given in each chapter.
  • Simple, Lucid and easily understandable language.
  • A large number of neat, explicit and well labelled illustrative diagrams.
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