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Comprehensive Mathematics for JEE Advanced (NEW)

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ISBN1:  9789387572591
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Developed as per the syllabus of JEE Advanced, Comprehensive Mathematics JEE Advanced guides the students through all the major precepts of Mathematics in great detail. This manual is a comprehensive resource for the second stage of JEE (JEE Advanced) 


1. 28 core chapters with relevant theory and practice problems
2. Solved examples and exercises divided into six categories
   I) Single Correct Answer Type Questions
  II) Multiple Correct Answer Type Questions
  III) Matrix Match Type Questions
  IV) Assertion–Reason Type Questions
  V) Comprehension-Type Questions
  VI) Integer-Answer Type Questions
3. Chapter-end Exercises divided into two levels of difficulty (Level 1 and Level 2) 



Preface v
Syllabus vii
Format of Questions in this Book xi 
1. Complex Numbers 1.1–1.81 
2. Quadratic Equations 2.1–2.62 
3. Progressions 3.1–3.57 
4. Logarithm 4.1–4.27 
5. Permutations and Combinations 5.1–5.46 
6. Binomial Theorem 6.1–6.49 
7. Matrices 7.1–7.41 
8. Determinants 8.1–8.59 
9. Probability 9.1–9.65 
10. Trigonometry 10.1–10.57 
11. Trigonometric Equations 11.1–11.22 
12. Solution of Triangles and Applications of Trigonometry 12.1–12.51 
13. Inverse Trigonometric Functions 13.1–13.30 
14. Cartesian System of Coordinates and Locus 14.1–14.24 
15. Straight Lines 15.1–15.52 
16. Circles and Systems of Circles 16.1–16.60 
17. Parabola 17.1–17.43 
18. Ellipse 18.1–18.42 
19. Hyperbola 19.1–19.33 
20. Three Dimensional Geometry 20.1–20.45 
21. Functions 21.1–21.38 
22. Limits and Continuity 22.1–22.49 
23. Differentiability and Differentiation 23.1–23.52 
24. Applications of Derivatives 24.1–24.52 
25. Indefinite Integration 25.1–25.66 
26. Definite Integrals 26.1–26.70 
27. Differential Equations 27.1–27.44 
28. Vector Algebra 28.1–28.53 

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